Our founding partners

Probita Solutions is a Company that has been formed as a collaboration between HallMark Veterinary & Compliance Services and XL Farmcare UK.

HallMark has been working in the Official Controls sector for many years. Their focus has been on helping food business operators in abattoirs to satisfy their veterinary inspection obligations. HallMark also carry out many of the farm inspections required for regulatory compliance and support the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) with some of their veterinary staffing requirements. HallMark holds several Government contracts that allow them to play an important role in disease outbreak circumstances and more widely in assisting with veterinary surveillance of production animal health.

XL Farmcare UK provides the administration and quality audit processes that support tuberculosis testing of cattle on farm. Bovine Tuberculosis is a very big concern to the UK Government. In many farm vet practices TB testing can represent as much as a fifth of all their work. XL Farmcare UK employ a team of experienced vets to carry out audit of vets working on farm to carry out the Government veterinary services including TB testing and Brucella and Anthrax surveillance. XL Farmcare UK is supported by XLVets UK who represent the largest group of farm veterinary practices in the UK. More than fifty large farm practices are members of XLVets and between them they look after more than one third of all large livestock species in the country.

XL Farmcare UK and HallMark formed Probita Solutions as a ‘joint venture’ enterprise to help provide further support for private veterinary practice.


Probita Solutions helps UK veterinary practices and vets deliver many of the veterinary services required by the UK Government. These activities secure the health and productivity of farm animals and help protect public health. At Probita we aim to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for vets at the start of their veterinary career in the UK.

We help our team develop the skills, experience and confidence that will lead to further opportunity in the UK and elsewhere. We pride ourselves on being able to offer supportive and inclusive professional development for our team and encourage them to fulfil their personal potential.

In most cases, we place vets in veterinary practices based in rural communities to help practices work with farm clients to fulfil their TB testing obligations. However, for some candidates, regulatory support for checking compliance to standard operating processes in food processing plants may be more suitable.


Vets who come to work for us at Probita Solutions are initially supported through a short training period to begin work as locum TB testers. They are then based in veterinary practices throughout England to help those vet practices fulfil their TB testing obligations.

The TB skin test in the UK is usually carried out over two weekdays. It is known as the ‘comparative intradermal skin test’ as two injections are made into the animals’ skin on the first day and the response to both injections is compared 72 hours later. Typically, animals are identified and injected on Monday or Tuesday and then reactions to the injected tuberculin are measured on the Thursday or Friday. This means that our vets are only required to visit farms on four days of the week.

Some practices give vets the opportunity to gain clinical experience by joining them on farm on the Wednesday and in some cases, there will be training and study opportunities made available on Wednesdays. Although larger tests often begin at the start of the farming day it is rare to finish very late and while working for Probita, there are no out of hours duties associated with the TB testing role. This allows our team members the opportunity to build a full social life and make friends in the areas where they work.

TB testing is an opportunity to visit all types of farms and to meet a variety of people. English language skills do not need to be as advanced as might be necessary for a clinical job and there is opportunity to improve communication skills while having the support of local veterinary surgeons when required. Probita also offer telephone support for all TB testers after the initial training period and regular team meetings. We encourage our team to communicate actively and to share their stories!

What support and training is provided?

Probita have established bespoke training agreements with several private practices such that vets can be ‘fast-tracked’ through training and then supported in acquiring their required Official Veterinary Qualifications. During this period vets receive training under the supervision of experienced Official Veterinarians and will learn all aspects of the job under direct and continuous guidance. This training period is not expected to last more than two months.

After qualification, our vets have indirect support available through the team leader and also through the veterinary practice in which they are placed. Some placements will be for several months and it is common to form firm friendships and strong mentoring relationships with other practice staff.

At Probita we regularly bring the veterinary team together for training and social events to help in sharing experiences and in discussing common challenges.


At Probita Solutions we believe that we offer industry leading rates of pay based on a four-day week with no night or weekend work. If you wish to earn more it is sometimes possible to work some additional days. These days are occasionally requested for some postings and in such circumstances pay is made up on a ‘pro-rata’ basis as a proportion of your regular salary.

Most parts of the UK have eight bank holidays and in addition to these paid days of leave, Probita offer a further four weeks of paid leave. These can generally be taken when you wish although it is often sensible to use the weeks when a bank holiday falls since there is little or no testing work around those days.

At Probita we also support further personal development through in-house training and coaching sessions and by committing to pay the costs of three days of Continuing Professional Development training.

In order to carry out your work you are equipped with protective clothing, a fully expensed car and as a permanent employee you are supplied with a mobile telephone handset.

Probita also now offer a healthcare membership scheme for all veterinary staff and their dependants through the Healthshield system. This allows you and other members of your family to claim cash back for those regular incidental expenses such as dental or optician costs but also to access counselling services and support without having to inform your employer.

As we have work throughout the country, it is best if you can be flexible in terms of where in England you live. However, we understand if you have a desire to be based in a particular location or are already living somewhere in the UK. In these cases, you will just need to be prepared to travel to other parts of the country if there is no work in your area. When posted to a veterinary practice away from your home, accommodation will be provided for the relevant week nights involved.

What are my longer-term prospects?

At Probita Solutions we are committed to supporting our veterinary team in their individual personal and professional progression and in helping to identify alternate opportunities when the need arises. We have a small number of leadership posts and we are often asked to fill posts that arise within government itself. Once you have been with us for sufficient time to cover the investments we have made in training you, then we will be happy to support your progression to other forms of veterinary work.

After around two years in the job we generally expect team members to be ready to seek posts elsewhere. We help and support this process. We have been able to offer some senior posts in the XL Farmcare audit team or to place vets with the Animal and Plant Health Agency.

We also find that many vets become part of the veterinary practice team and it then becomes sensible to be employed by the veterinary practice directly. In some locations this has allowed vets to become involved in the delivery of clinical services for that practice.


If you would like to apply for this role or find out more information about the position, please follow the link below to upload your CV and details.

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