What are my longer-term prospects?

At Probita Solutions we are committed to supporting our veterinary team in their individual personal and professional progression and in helping to identify alternate opportunities when the need arises. We have a small number of leadership posts and we are often asked to fill posts that arise within government itself. Once you have been with us for sufficient time to cover the investments we have made in training you, then we will be happy to support your progression to other forms of veterinary work.

After around two years in the job we generally expect team members to be ready to seek posts elsewhere. We help and support this process. We have been able to offer some senior posts in the XL Farmcare audit team or to place vets with the Animal and Plant Health Agency.

We also find that many vets become part of the veterinary practice team and it then becomes sensible to be employed by the veterinary practice directly. In some locations this has allowed vets to become involved in the delivery of clinical services for that practice.