Our founding partners

Probita Solutions is a Company that has been formed as a collaboration between HallMark Veterinary & Compliance Services and XL Farmcare UK.

HallMark has been working in the Official Controls sector for many years. Their focus has been on helping food business operators in abattoirs to satisfy their veterinary inspection obligations. HallMark also carry out many of the farm inspections required for regulatory compliance and support the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) with some of their veterinary staffing requirements. HallMark holds several Government contracts that allow them to play an important role in disease outbreak circumstances and more widely in assisting with veterinary surveillance of production animal health.

XL Farmcare UK provides the administration and quality audit processes that support tuberculosis testing of cattle on farm. Bovine Tuberculosis is a very big concern to the UK Government. In many farm vet practices TB testing can represent as much as a fifth of all their work. XL Farmcare UK employ a team of experienced vets to carry out audit of vets working on farm to carry out the Government veterinary services including TB testing and Brucella and Anthrax surveillance. XL Farmcare UK is supported by XLVets UK who represent the largest group of farm veterinary practices in the UK. More than fifty large farm practices are members of XLVets and between them they look after more than one third of all large livestock species in the country.

XL Farmcare UK and HallMark formed Probita Solutions as a ‘joint venture’ enterprise to help provide further support for private veterinary practice.