At Probita Solutions we believe that we offer industry leading rates of pay based on a four-day week with no night or weekend work. If you wish to earn more it is sometimes possible to work some additional days. These days are occasionally requested for some postings and in such circumstances pay is made up on a ‘pro-rata’ basis as a proportion of your regular salary.

Most parts of the UK have eight bank holidays and in addition to these paid days of leave, Probita offer a further four weeks of paid leave. These can generally be taken when you wish although it is often sensible to use the weeks when a bank holiday falls since there is little or no testing work around those days.

At Probita we also support further personal development through in-house training and coaching sessions and by committing to pay the costs of three days of Continuing Professional Development training.

In order to carry out your work you are equipped with protective clothing, a fully expensed car and as a permanent employee you are supplied with a mobile telephone handset.

Probita also now offer a healthcare membership scheme for all veterinary staff and their dependants through the Healthshield system. This allows you and other members of your family to claim cash back for those regular incidental expenses such as dental or optician costs but also to access counselling services and support without having to inform your employer.

As we have work throughout the country, it is best if you can be flexible in terms of where in England you live. However, we understand if you have a desire to be based in a particular location or are already living somewhere in the UK. In these cases, you will just need to be prepared to travel to other parts of the country if there is no work in your area. When posted to a veterinary practice away from your home, accommodation will be provided for the relevant week nights involved.