Vets who come to work for us at Probita Solutions are initially supported through a short training period to begin work as locum TB testers. They are then based in veterinary practices throughout England to help those vet practices fulfil their TB testing obligations.

The TB skin test in the UK is usually carried out over two weekdays. It is known as the ‘comparative intradermal skin test’ as two injections are made into the animals’ skin on the first day and the response to both injections is compared 72 hours later. Typically, animals are identified and injected on Monday or Tuesday and then reactions to the injected tuberculin are measured on the Thursday or Friday. This means that our vets are only required to visit farms on four days of the week.

Some practices give vets the opportunity to gain clinical experience by joining them on farm on the Wednesday and in some cases, there will be training and study opportunities made available on Wednesdays. Although larger tests often begin at the start of the farming day it is rare to finish very late and while working for Probita, there are no out of hours duties associated with the TB testing role. This allows our team members the opportunity to build a full social life and make friends in the areas where they work.

TB testing is an opportunity to visit all types of farms and to meet a variety of people. English language skills do not need to be as advanced as might be necessary for a clinical job and there is opportunity to improve communication skills while having the support of local veterinary surgeons when required. Probita also offer telephone support for all TB testers after the initial training period and regular team meetings. We encourage our team to communicate actively and to share their stories!